Enterprise Customer Success Manager

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | Sales | Full-time


About Us 

Hiver offers teams the simplest way to offer outstanding, personalized customer service. As a customer service solution built on Gmail, Hiver is intuitive, super easy to learn, and delightful to use. Hiver is used by thousands of teams at some of the best known companies in the world to provide attentive, empathetic and human service to their customers at scale. We’re a top rated product on G2, and rank very highly on customer satisfaction.

At Hiver, we obsess about being world class at everything we do. Our product is loved by our customers, our content engages a very wide audience, our customer service is one of the highest rated in the industry, and our sales team is as driven about doing right by our customers as they are by hitting their numbers. 

We’re profitably run, and are backed by notable investors. K1 Capital led our most recent round of $22 million. Before that, we’ve raised from Kalaari Capital, Kae Capital and Citrix Startup Accelerator.

We have worked hard to build a work environment that is invigorating, creative and positive. We love working with people who own and love what they do, and we are serious about making sure that everyone who works at Hiver finds the work that they do enriching and satisfying.


Hiver is looking for an experienced enterprise customer success manager. You will be responsible for handling over a million dollars worth in existing customer portfolios. Some of the existing clients you will be handling include Vacasa, Flexport , AppsFlyer and multiple Fortune companies. 

What we expect you to do

  1. Handle the existing portfolio to ensure there is minimal churn and contraction in the portfolio. 
  2. Interact with existing clients to ensure maximum product adoption and comprehensive product implementation across the board. 
  3. Work in close collaboration with the support team. 
  4. Conduct QBRs and also ensure there is maximum engagement /value realization. 
  5. Work closely with the account management team to identify expansion opportunities. 
  6. Build a strong champion network to make sure marketing can leverage the customer base for a variety of marketing activities. 
  7. Maintain a high NPS within the portfolio. 
  8. Build a customer advisory board centered around your portfolio. 

Who should apply for this role

  1. You have a minimum of 3 years experience in the SaaS industry in a similar role. 
  2. You have experience running things independently and thrive on driving innovation on your own. 
  3. You are an excellent communicator and are great at inter-team collaboration. 
  4. You have experience handling clients of the nature described above. Please do not apply, if you have handled clients in services products or have no experience managing truly ‘Enterprise’ clients. 
  5. You should be prepared to run a larger team in the longer run.
  6. You have previous experience working with lean teams and processes. 

What you can expect from us

  1. Complete freedom to execute engagement plans and all activities centered around your KPIs. 
  2. Some serious learning awaits. If you think you have done and seen it all. Please don’t apply. We already have our fair share of know-it-alls.
  3. We don’t track working hours, you are responsible for your KPIs. If you can do a 9 hour job in 5, the remaining 4 can be spent on Netflix (or whatever floats your boat). 
  4. We have budding poker professionals in our midst. We can teach you poker too (GTO for life!). 
  5. You *will* learn skills you can take to your next job.